Asom Association, Dehradun

To all of us who dared to dream and To all of you who will carry this forward….............


(Registered Under The Societies Registration Act, 1860: Reg. No. 278/2009-2010 at Dehradun)


          Dear friends

                 Time has come for us to re-start action!

               It was on July the 18th 2009 that all of you decided to come under the banner of ‘ASOM ASSOCIATION’, DEHRADUN (AAD) for furthering the interests of the people of Assam residing in Dehradun. It was with this purpose that you all had bestowed upon us your faith by selecting us to the Executive Committee of AAD.     

               Since assuming office, Executive Committee of AAD has been tirelessly working to build a strong foundation for AAD, by reaching out to the people hailing from Assam and residing at Dehradun. We are regularly organizing meetings, properly documenting our activities since inception till date.

                Now, we believe that the time has come for us to re-start building the financial health of our Association, the primary contribution of which is expected to come from you all in the form of Registration and Membership Fees. The details are as follows:

 For Family heads and Working (single status) individuals for 2012-2013

            Registration fees                     Rs.500/-

            Annual Membership fees         Rs. 300/-

            Total                                      Rs. 800/-

 For Students

            Total registration and Annual Membership fees for 2012-2013    Rs. 100/-

           The EC of AAD, in its 34th meeting held on the 27th January, 2013 has decided the Membership Fees collection as above and therefore, you are requested to kindly make the contributions to your respective collectors as below and thus strengthen your Association to take up the various activities for which you have associated under its banner.

                  The list of Membership fee collectors are as follows:

         (i)      GEOPIC – Srimati Manisha Sarma  (9410397945)

        (ii)      E&D  – Shri Mridu Pawan Saikia   (9410390974)   

       (iii)      KDMIPE – Shri Sanjib Sinha  (9410396171)

        (iv)      IDT – Shri Rajnish Baruah (9410396374)

        (v)       F/Bassin, IDT Campus – Shri P. N. Malakar  (9410391858)

       (vi)       Tel Bhawan – Shri Bijon Bordoloi  (9410391646)

      (vii)       ONGC Hospital and Doctors –Shri P. C. Sarmah (9410390209)

     (viii)       ONGC Academy - Shri Rajeev Mahanta  (9410391882)

         (ix)     Others – Shri Debojit Hazarika (9761197566).

              All the above fee collectors have been requested to deposit their total collections to the Treasurer, AAD latest by the afternoon of 20th February 2013.

             All members are requested to kindly cooperate with the collection process and thus show their support and active participation for a strong ‘ASOM ASSOCIATION’, DEHRADUN.  Together we can achieve what individually we cannot…….



                                                                                                     MRINAL MAHANTA

                                                                                                      General Secretary

                                                                                                       Asom Association, Dehradun



Registered Under Societies Registration Act, 1860: Reg. No. 278/2009-2010 at Dehradun



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